Monitoring Options

Kent Electrical & Fire LTD provides Monitoring for CCTV, Door Entry & Alarms, including police response for low cost prices

Monitored alarm systems in Kent and London for maximum response

The Problem?

About your new domestic alarm system

Whilst an alarm siren and strobe light alerts neighbours and passersby of a potential break-in, there's no guarantee that any of them will respond. They may not only believe it's a false alarm, but they may fear for their own safety by intervening. When a break-in occurs, your neighbours may even be out!

The solution

Monitored alarm systems connect you and emergency services directly to your alarm for the fastest possible response to a break-in or fire. These systems can be installed by Kent Electrical & Fire LTD at some of the UK's lowest prices with the type of monitoring service suited to your needs and budget.

How does it work?

Your alarm is installed and then registered with a range of emergency response parties who have your address on file. Once activated, the alarm sends a signal to the alarm receiving centre and notifies them of your address.

Personal attack signal

Your system can be installed with a personal attack alarm. If activated, the police will be notified and immediately dispatched to your address automatically.

Duress signal

If you're forced to turn off your alarm by a burglar, you can enter a secret code which notifies the alarm receiving centre of a duress signal to dispatch help.

Fire safety and protection

Traditional alarms may not activate fast enough to ensure that you're woken up in time. You may also be out of your home in the event of a fire. With use of fire and carbon monoxide detection technology, we can quickly assess if there's a genuine fire and then immediately dispatch the fire brigade.

Emergency help

With this feature, you can activate the assistance button and the alarm receiving centre will call you to find out what's wrong. We can then call a key holder to assist you or contact any emergency services required.

Online fault rectification

If your alarm breaks, we may be able to provide remote engineering to securely connect to your alarm through the internet and run diagnostic software to find and treat the problem. Up to 65% of faults can be resolved without the need of an on-site engineer visit, so this feature could save you time, money and hassle.

False alarm management

If you're away for lengthy periods, you may get a false alarm, meaning that it keeps sounding until you get home to turn it off. With false alarm management, we can assess the system, alert a key holder and turn it off remotely if the alarm sounded falsely.

Toxic gas monitoring

Kent Electrical & Fire LTD can install carbon monoxide detectors to not only detect fires, but faulty boilers and other problems. These systems can notify the alarm receiving centre in the event of a detection to notify you, a key holder or the emergency services.

Leave everything to Kent Electrical & Fire LTD security with a 14 day money back guarantee

We're experts with these systems, so we can identify the right system for your needs and then install it to make sure it's working without a hitch. That's why we include a 14-day money back guarantee.

Many alarm monitoring services also occur one-off fees and subscription charges from emergency services and alarm receiving centres. Kent Electrical & Fire LTD can talk you through the options available to help find a solution which suits you and your budget.

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  Please note: call charge problems

In some situations where a homeowner uses a call service other than BT, monitored alarms can find it difficult to connect to the alarm receiving centre to transmit the signal, and can therefore occur additional charges as it attempts to re-send the data. Whilst this problem is rare, please note that it is the client's responsibility to supply a working telephone line for the alarm.